Update 1/22/2014

Happy New Year everyone!  Check out www.facebook.com/gracebasement

for more recent updates, show photos and all that.


Wheel Within a Wheel best local albums of 2013 accolades from RFT….



- New Video for The Way to Be

-Grace Basement Nominated for RFT Music Awards Best Americana Band 2013

- KB solo dates and more info on Euclid Records In-Store/Fall dates coming soon!



Click here for more on the RFT Music Awards.

Many thanks to Grace Basement friends everywhere for making the kickstarter and record release an epic success!  “Wheel Within a Wheel” on vinyl and cd is now available at the GB store (see above).

I have to say, its been much easier to give frequent updates on the facebook site (damn you facebook!!!), so check that out if you can. Posting such business on multiple websites can drive one crazy after a while.  However, this is still the best place for actually getting your hands on GB music, photos and videos

I’ll be playing fiddle in a Patsy Cline show for most of May and June, but I’m hoping to hit the road a bit on the other side of summer and get the 8 piece band together for another show in STL in late July/early August.  Speaking of that, expect some live audio/video from the release show at Off Broadway.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse the photos available here and the store.

All the best!